The Most Fun Oasis In Peru

Huacachina is considered the largest oasis in Peru. Around the lagoon, houses and hotels were built in the twenties of the last century, becoming one of the most exclusive resorts in the area.

With the passing of time have proliferated companies conducting tours through the monumental mountains of sand surrounding the oasis , offering the possibility of slipping from the top on a SanBoard. Buggies Sand Duning through Huacachina show the true gems of mechanical engineering crafts carrying up to twelve passengers thanks to its powerful V8 engines manufactured by the booming American automobile industry in the fifties and sixties of the last century.

If you have some time on your trip to Peru I recommend traveling to Ica from Paracas on the first bus in the morning to visit the wine cellars and pisco. Upon completing the tour of the vineyards, set sail to Huacachina, best toures at 4pm by the effect of sunlight at sunset. The tour ends around 6pm, enough time to go by taxi back to the station to catch the bus that leaves for Nazca at 7pm and arrives at 9pm, you sleep in Nazca and 8am the next day get on the plane to fly over the Nazca lines. If the path you follow is south-north ( you come from Arequipa, Cuzco, Puno and Tacna) then I recommend you grab the 7pm bus to Paracas, where you stop and you will take the tour of the Ballestas Islands the next day at 8am. If you are someone who goes revelry and are short on time its not a problem you might want to consider spending a night in Huacachina.

Huacachina is on the outskirts of Ica, less than five km. It can be reached by taxi from any point of the city of Ica for S/.10 . The tours cost around S/.60 more plus  tourist tax of S/.4 paid before entering the dunes once sitting in the baggies. If you bring a camera with interchangeable lenses I recommend to put it in a plastic bag inside your handbag, there are days when the wind blows hard and fine sand flies in the environment gets everywhere and can ruin your camera. Wear sunscreen, water and sunglasses.