Flights Near Slopes and Overlooking the Pacific

The flight in Supay just against the cliff near the Cathedral is amazing, the area is divided into three parts, taking off to the left is a long slope.

The the right is a hill with a vertical wall of about thirty meters high, with the beach below to “La Cathedral”. After the cathedral there are cliffs with out beach landings. Its a beautiful, easy and safe flight.

To reach Supay you have yo go to the Cathedral lookout, about 100 meters before reaching the lookout from the main road there is a turn to the left. The take off is located ned to the parking lot, but you can take off from almost anywhere from the hill side.

If you go in the morning you most likely will get little wind, if its off the side of the parking lot. If the wind is ruff and strong walk down the hill a bit and the wind should be lighter and easier. When you see the sea has foam its a warning that you should stay away from the hill side and stay over the beach. If the wind starts to get stronger, land on the beach, if it stay stable for a while you can keep going but always be aware that you don’t start flying backwards, if this happens you should land. Landing if you are not an expert should accelerate and be far away from the slopes. On flight in the afternoon when the wind is calmer you can do top landings.

Remember that there are two rotors, take-off to the right at about twenty meters before the nose and reach the Cathedral. To avoid the one no the right move away from the slope just after takeoff. Beware of the rotors on both sides of the Cathedral, when you get to the nose go out to sea to avoid turbulence. Note that depending on the wind the rotor will be more or less strong.

Spay is suitable for new pilots because of the easy takeoffs and hazard – free zone and the absence of power lines, cars, houses, trees.. but also for experienced Wagga pilots. Brands like Ozone Airwave been setting up and taking up spots, because this place is amazing.

You can get there by taxi, the price is about S/70 or so, if you want them to wait and take you back, but if not it should be around S/30. You can also walk back down the road in an almost flat road of about two hours, but is not recommended after flying if there is wind, sun or is night. It is a safe place and there is usually no problem in returning with strangers, most of the time there are other tourist how may have space. If you go in your own car, when you park, be sure to lock it with no valuable items in view. Not that this place isn’t she but i know there is an occasional theft like anywhere else.

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