Tour La Reserva

When the sea meets the desert

Just take a moments to look at the map to realise how unique Paracas is.

A large mass of headland jutting out from the mainland ; the peninsula surrounded by islands and the ocean immense beauty that makes this place one of the important in the world for marine life. This is because of the large concentration of phytoplankton that rises to the surface and become the staple food for the entire ecosystem, creating diverse habitats in the reserve which make it an ideal place for the feeding grounds for migratory shore birds, mammals and reptiles. A nature paradise with 300 seaplant species, 750 fish species, 872 moluscus species and 412 crustaceos species. Created millions of years ago because of the Nazca and Southamerica tectonical collision.

Wind is one of the fundamental element in the reserve, its estimated that there is good wind for water sports for 350 days each year. That is Kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing and paragliding which are the most popular sports in the area. The wind patterns are mostly the same each day, in the morning there is little wind, at noon it rises above fifteen knots and lasts until sunset. “In Paracas the sun rises ever day”. Unlike most of Perus coasts, especially near Lima, where it usually is covered in fog and clouds.

The history of Paracas is an important one, as it is the docking point of where Jose de San Martin arrived in 1871, in Santo Domingo with more than thirty ships loaded with men ready to free the country from the Spanish. With out forgetting that Paracas was inhabited but a Pre Inca civilisation known from their cranial trepanning which they would open a hole in the skull and then cover it with a piece of gold when wounded in battle, and also know for the beautiful textiles, precious robes that covered their dead.

We can divide up into two groups many forms to contact the Reserve:

Classical Tour:

  • Tour by bus or taxi into the Reserve.
  • Tour by boat to the Ballestas Islands

Adventure Tour:

  • Catamaran sailing
  • Paragliding
  • Go in on a small boat and see the dolphins in Santo Domingo
  • Kayak or paddle in Santo Domingo
  • Riding quads through the Reserve
  • Trekking

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