Tour Ballestas

Sea Lions and Dolphins in their natural habit

The “Ballestas Tour” is an hour and a half boat trip that crosses to and from the twenty kilometres between the village and islands with out stoping.

The boat travels slowly around the islands so that the passengers can watch the animals in their habitat. An archipelago attracts its popularity from the traditional guano collection and especially it special birds and sea lions with their immigration occupy transit across the continent. As the ride takes and hour and a half, it takes place in comfortable seats in the boat.

The guano on the islands where very important in Peru in the nineteenth century. Boat tons of natural fertiliser on the rocks accumulated for centuries has a big impact on the country. You can still see the old guano farms on the tour which have been preserved.

The boats leave the dock in Chaco in three shifts 8am, 10am and 12am.The sea is flat at 8am, so if you are a person who gets sea sick easily this would be the best time for you to go.You should take sunscreen, a hat, a bottle of water  and a wind jacket. The tour can cost around S/.40, then we you have to pay another S/.10 or S/.15 for the entrance fee into the Paracas National Reserve, paying S/.15 it includes the entrance to both places Reserve and Ballestas islands.

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