On the island San Gallán a wave that is considered one of the best right handers in Peru, a spectacular tube waves.

Thanks to a curious effect on the water it travels along the coast of the island coming from the south, giving it a quarter turn, the wave is created on a approximately two kilometre long beach facing north full of sea lions.

The first news we had about Surfing spots in Paracas was in the 80´s, when a surfer, Larrañaga, flew a plane over the Paracas peninsula, observing the coast. Weeks later he went to explore different zones and from that moment its a MUST for all surfers who come to Peru.

The trip to the island can be achieved by any type of vessel provided you have sail or motor and is authorised to sail in the open sea. It is about 12 miles away and takes only half an hour to get from the pier Chaco in Paracas. Once you get to the island you can anchor in the bay where the waves are, ample space to leeward. If you plan to sleep on the boat, take note that the wind blows from the north in the mornings.

You must be adequately informed about the weather forecast, do not forget that there are days when the wind reaches speeds above 25 knots, which is a so-called Paracas, in which case the fierceness of the wind and the sea seriously hamper you travel by boat. Wind intensity during a paraca rises above 25 knots approximately between 11:30 am and 4 pm. It is prohibited to pull up on the island with your boat.

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