Arquillo, Playon and Supay, great place to fish

The Paracas National Reserve is highly regarded among lovers of the fishing community.

Chita, Corbina and Flounder are varieties that can be found in these areas, and Arquillo, Supay Playton and beaches chosen the majority of fishermen. We went to Supay, a long sandy beach located a few meters from “La Cathedral” that offers a vast space to walk on shore or in the water but the water gets deep very quickly and the schools of fish will eat about seven or eight meters away from shore so you will have to throw the food far out to feed them. You can fish all year round but the best time is between October and March, when the weather conditions are not as severe and schools of fish are around the southern part of Peru.

Our experience was educational and fun, we were apart of a group of dozens of newcomers to the art of the fishing rod, fifty people in total. We learned about the different types of fishing rods, lures… we set up the rods with him and started to practice the techniques of hauling from the shore.

Registration for the fishing camp weekend costs S/150 if customers come in their own transportation, they bring their own equipment, tent and food. The price of a full day for 4 people including transportation, lunch and equipment cost 500USD for 4 people.

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