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Mountain Biking by the Reserve

Biking into the national reserve is one of the most interesting options offered by the park.

The road is mostly flat, almost no cars going in and the road are made of hard sand, with soft sand only at the beaches. One advantage is that most tour operators have good, new bikes you can take.If you are staying at the Doubletree feel free to use their mountain bikes, they all have special wide wheels for the sand in the reserve…

We went out early peddling to the beach Supay, we got to it by the main road in the reserve in just under an hour. Then the route runs on dirt roads through the most visited spots in the reserve; Cathedral Yumaque, Playa Roja, Lagunilla, Playa del Raspon and Playa de la Mina on a journey of around two hours. From Mina it takes around and hour to get back to the village. It is an easy and fun tour that requires a low-medium training bike, highly recommended.

Keep in mind of the unpleasant winds that you will have to panel agains, try and avoid the peek ours between noon and 5pm. Until you get to Supay the wind is against you, after that point the wind should be coming from behind you almost all the way till the end of the tour. We recommend starting before 8am to get to Supay with no wind bothering you. Make sure that you take plenty of water, a hat, sunscreen, a bit of food, a map and a cell phone. Renting a bike is around S/40 per person.

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