The As de Oros

If you ever asked me which is the best Peruvian restaurant that I have ever eaten in, I would without a moment of doubt say that As de Oros is in the top ten.

It plays in the big leagues with the champions; a competitor that leaves you speechless. That’s what I thought the first time I ate in this restaurant and after two years I still say the same. It’s funny seeing Messi smiling with the 5th Golden Ball in his hands whilst we were eating lunch earlier today and thought of how much alike this pisco restaurant is to Messi playing an informal soccer game.

Throughout its nearly forty years of experience, this family business it has soldiered almost the entire Salinas Family. A team forged the house and big signings of the national scene whose culinary work leaves you speechless as the goals of the great soccer stars.

If you are staying in Paracas negotiate with a trusted taxi from one of the hotels or hostels to take you and go to pick you up as scheduled, its costs between S/.15 and S/.20 each way. If the taxi cannot pick you up then ask the restaurant manager to call a trusted taxi driver to take you back. It’s closed on Mondays.

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